And then I reached PossiVille……………

It was college time when I started travelling but due to limited budget, the trip used to be a short one. At that time I was sure that I would travel across India when I am independent. I am 28 year old and currently working in of the MNC’s based out of Pune. Due to lockdown, we all were asked to work from home. The first seven months seemed to be very different as everything was shut. It was September 2020 when things were coming back to normal and I was ready with my travel plans. Work from home gave me an option to travel and work simultaneously. This time I had a bike and since I love riding, everything was set. In short it was Pune to Himachal. September 24, it was early six in the morning, when I started for the journey. The itinerary was Pune-Indore-Jaipur-Delhi-Himachal. The ride started with an amazing experience as I was riding after a long break. After completing 450 kms, I entered Madhya Pradesh wherein I met with an accident as the tyre bursted. The whole plan was shattered and I had to be on bed rest for minimum 60 days as there was an injury on my collar bone.         

It was December 2020, I was ready with my second attempt for the trip. Meanwhile my bike was transported to Delhi from where I had to resume again. I reached Delhi and rode to Himachal on 20th December. My first destination was planned and I reached Bir Billing where I had to stay at a camp named Camp Kasbah Bir. I had come to this place before in 2019 new year and made some amazing friends. I stayed here for 15 days with my friends and volunteered at the camp. After 2 weeks, I was sure that I have to go ahead and explore other places in the state. I was looking for some hostels when PossiVille popped in google results. So, I had no idea about this hostel, the only reason I was looking for a hostel as my plan was to stay for long duration. 

It was 4th day of the new year when I reached Possiville. The ride was again an amazing experience and adventurous too as I met with a small accident but with no injuries. The hostel is located at an amazing location 20 kms before Manali on a mountain named Hallan. The view is something which will hold you to stay here. It’s all snow covered mountains around the property. The place is run by two amazing souls who will make you feel like home. The first week was fun as I met few folks who were volunteering here. There are also three dogs who will fulfill your wish if you are a dog lover. It was Maya, me and her two kids Coco and Hazel. I always wanted had this fantasy wherein I wanted to stay at a house in mountains all alone. Then came a time, when I was all alone in the hostel with these dogs that too for a week. I was living one of my dream which I thought to ever do in my mid 30’s. So, this place hold a special place for me.

Another experience which I registered here was of my first snowfall. It was Feb 3rd and the morning seemed quite different from regular days. “Is it going to snow?” I asked Sameer desperately. Sameer is a guy who works at the hostel. He was pretty sure that it’s going to snow. I was again prepared for another first experience of snowfall. It was 11 in the morning and it started to snow. I started my bike and went on a short ride to the top of Hallan mountain along with Sameer. It was mix of snow and rain but let me tell you it was freezing too. It happened to snow for next two days and I experienced some amazing scenes. Encountering the nature turning into white was something which I wanted to see and it happened in PossiVille.

Himachal Pradesh is known for its hiking and treks. We also went for an amazing hike to Bijli Mahadev Temple.

This is another story to tell about unveiling the adventure and fun we had.

Till then, stay safe, be happy and keep travelling till your bones are strong.   

Cheers :)                                                                                                                                                                                                                             -Ashish Pal