Slow Travel @Possiville

Solo travelling is all about finding yourself and making yourself comfort out of your zone. For me, it's my solo journey to find myself in the shadow of mountains and away from the rush city life. My stay @possiville which is located in the Halan village and 1 hour away from Manali, looks like the place which I have dreamt of. I have always looked for a place where I can sit calm and feel the nature and surrounded by less crowd. This place Possiville gives me all the vibes and connections for which I'm looking for. Sometimes, my mornings starts with a beautiful sunrise and sometimes with the fresh snowfall and I feel happy whenever I witness this things from the windows as soon as I wake up from my bed. According to me, Home isn't a place which is surrounded by four walls but it's a place where you feel alive and I feel alive here, I feel like myself in the mountains, I feel relax and comfortable with whatever I have here.

This is not a touristy place where you just go and click a picture but it is a place for the people who are looking for the raw nature and who can feel it. This place is surrounded by the mountains and some local villages and can witness some surreal view when covered with the snow. When I have witnessed some fresh snowfall at possiville between February 3rd to 5th, I was feeling so happy like a new born baby and can see my happiness clearly on my face and my heart was just dancing to the rhythm of fresh air.

The possiville is managed by two lovely souls, shruthi and Shubham who makes you feel comfortable, makes a fun and knowledgeable conversation where you learn about things and they have three pets named Maya, coco and Hazel who looks so adorable. Even though, I'm not a dog lover but these pups make everyone fall in love with their eye looks and with their love. If you spend more time with them, you can understand them, you can feel their feelings and emotions. When I reached Possiville for the first time, after my long journey (even though I was not tired), I was given a time of 15 minutes and then I went for a trek to Bijili Mahadev temple with my bunk mates and introduced myself on the way to trek. We went on a road trip upto the base of Bijili Mahadev, I was just listening to the music, dancing in my heart and watching the sunset which was just amazing. Then we took a break and started our trek to Bijili mahadev which was a 45 minutes trek and it became more than an hour trek and a night trek too. As soon as we reached Bijili Mahadev, it was completely dark, the temperature was slowly decreasing and the water has started freezing out. I was amazed when I realized that I was sitting on the top of the mountains, gazing the stars with some souls and that's where I felt like, this is what I need in my life and this is the place and vibes for which my heart is craving for longer time. Even though I'm travelling alone, I don't feel alone here because that's how mountains make you feel.

This is my solo unplanned trip ❤️❤️

                                                  - Lakshmi Naraveni :)