Choose from a plethora of activities to splurge in. A paradise for adults and kids alike, PossiVille promises ample gardens and open areas for you to just chill and read or spend evenings watching sunsets and moonshines.

Bucket Lists !

  • Paragliding
  • River Rafting
  • Hot air Ballooning
  • Hiking
  • Stargazing
  • Zip lining

Treks !

  • Camping


  • Half day treks

  • River trek (1 day)

  • Chandrakhani Peak Trek (Seasonal)


  • Parkuni Peak Trek (Seasonal)

  • Chandrakahani to Malana (On request)
  • Trek to Jungle

Tours !

1 day tour - Naggar / Jana Waterfalls / Manali

Handcrafted tours (Get in touch with us to tailormake your need)



  • Dine with a local

  • Village tour


  • Old ways - An introduction to olden ways of mountains + Visit to museum


  • Cooking classes


  • Cook in the wild


  • Farming



At PossiVille, We celebrate everything.

Success and Failure.

It's perceptional and we know it. 

Choose from a range of celebration packages to host that perfect, hassle free and epic long pending treat.

  • Wedding parties - The one with friends ? not within the car rear boot.
  • Breakup parties - Cheers to a new Beginning!
  • Divorce Parties - If a start can be grand, so can be the finish! Cheers to freedom!
  • Out of the closet party - Acceptance and this one is our pride too !
  • Birthday parties - Just get the gang, we got you covered. Or even better, contact us for arranging a surprise party! You can even gift a party to your friends if you cannot make it. We got ya!
  • Anniversary Celebrations - Creating that perfect moment for you two.
  • House on the House ! - Got a reason to celebrate but no friends around to give the party? Let's get the house on the house ! Happiness is in sharing!


A glimpse of Life @PossiVille


Mornings are a delight anywhere and more so at Possiville! Go for a small walk or take that amazing camera for a stroll to capture the next Himalayan birds you see or click the landscape as it changes colours.

A sought after destination for bird watchers, the untouched serenity of wild Himalayas presents the nature's best kept secrets. A large variety of flora and fauna thrives in its most beautiful forms. 

Come back from the walk to join our morning Yoga or Zumba or meditation session to connect to your inner self that prepares you for the day. Shake a leg or two. If you're into healing and Reiki, consult our in house healer or if you're into core workout, sweat it out at our workout sessions.


We firmly believe being fit is being awesome ! 

If you can claim your morning then you can have two days in one.

Grab a coffee from the cafe and watch the sun rise.

Hit the day hard working from home or take that book into the hammock in the garden, either ways,see the productivity sour as you cut all unnecessary distractions and rediscover focus.

We highly respect privacy and promise that we'll make sure you have your happy space intact. Respect is mutual , you see.


A nice stroll never does bad. Go with Maya for a small village walk or just sit by the cliff (Ask for secret spot !) watching the Himalayan Griffins Soar as you watch the sun set down between the edges of the mountain line. The colors in the background changing from Van Gogh's shades of sunflowers to a deeper Pinkish Saffron that seems like turning the evening to Rose wine.





Stars come up slow and smooth. Night sky is a free treat @ PossiVille. Go for a stargazing session or ask about Mars and constellations. Watch yourself in Awe at the beauty of the moon as you watch the moon rising  lighting the entire valley like a light orb sitting really high. If you have missed on the art of chopping woods,(It's a great exercise BTW) don't miss out on learning how to set up a bonfire.

Musical evenings to celebrate the rock star you've been at the work or just to add to the Jamming sessions. Some nice munchies by the side apart from the Chenin's you may carry and the evening resonates with the crackling of the fire and smiles.



If you're the only talented artist in the house and need a break, add by the side of warmer, some board games. Show off your balancing skills at Jenga or unleash that Chess Master within you. Play Tambola or Flip Uno (A new latest crazy version) or an all new 6 player Ludo.

If you're just card types, like me, maybe we can play some Rummy! Just you and me? Or chuck it, let's play musical chairs?


Drinking games ? some times , may be.

Late evening affirmations to guide you into getting the most of yourself as you slip into the slumber. Celebrating a complete and beautiful day, we here love to celebrate the elasticity of time with you. Watch this dimension dilute a you LIVE completely , happy and satisfied in your skin. Where you aren't judgmental and nor are the people around you.

Sounds good?

Yeah yeah, we would be happy to have you as well !


            Just come Home !