Pass of Possibilities

One Insider Pass To Rule Them All.

At PossiVille, we believe that Life shouldn't be throttled down because of external forces and circumstances.

We believe that life is truly Limitless.

Like everyone secretly wants to expand the boundaries of their mind and live the life of Infinite Possibilities.

Possibilities that make your grow...

Possibilities that make you thrive…

Possibilities of conquering life and changing the world for greater good…

Possibilities of taking a stand against what's wrong in the society and doing what's really necessary for everyone around us...

Possibilities where people are genuinely helping each other to catch the moon rather than pulling each other's legs...

Possibilities of being joyful, happy and blissful in every moment of life...

Possibilities of realizing that without good people and nature around us Life is meaningless...

Possibilities of knowing that living here on this beautiful planet called 'Earth' is itself a once-in-a-lifetime experience...

And Possibilities of looking back down the memory lane in a few years while having a big happy smile on your face, knowing that you didn't just survive, but you TRULY LIVED.

With this Possibility in mind, PossiVille came with a concept called 'Pass of Possibilities'.

What 'Pass of Possibilities' includes is insider access to various first-hand offers & experiences in Himachal Pradesh like:

Reserved spots for a month-long stays for the special crowd of Digital Nomads, Freelancers, Work from Home who love working and chilling in a secluded place with uninterrupted wifi and electricity, and is easily accessible without lots of trekking or hiking with a 'Safe for Girls and Women' environment, including special monthly discount offers for stays of 2 months or more.

Trekking packages and adventures to offbeat and untouched locations ranging from 1-4 weeks that will give you a sense of calm and serenity and giving you a chance of living the superb stories of your life without too many people ruining your experiences.

A special platform for Artists from all over the world to reunite while making the crowd dance on your tunes and creations including but not limited to Singers, Instrument Players, Painters, Gymnasts, Yogis and many more on Volunteering basis.

Best offers for Adventure Sports like Zip-Lining, Paragliding, Hot Air Balloons, River Rafting, Horse Riding, Rappelling, Mountaineering, Helicopter Rides, Skiing and many more and also sizzling affordable offers for Courses in Adventure sports.

Actively taking part in Social Responsibility Activities like planting trees and forest cover, teaching new-age skills to village kids, personality development, recycling of waste and plastic, cleanup drives, Think Tank and Execution Tank for sustainable and environmental development, helping stray animals and helping locals and natives to solve day-to-day problems and to help them thrive personally and professionally.

Learning important skills from locals like survival on mountains and in jungles, cooking, carpentry and woodcrafting, bushcrafting, farming, poultry, and many other skills including the subtle essence of living a simple but effective and impactful life.

Taking part in Offbeat Activities like trips to hidden hamlets in Himachal, exploring untouched spots via Jungle Trails, meeting offbeat local people with abundance of life's grand experiences and stories, sports and games nights, bonfire nights, storytelling nights, jamming sessions, birdwatching, experiencing local culture at local homes, learning weaving and native art from locals, participating and enjoying in culture festivals and occasions, bike rides, helping stray animals like dogs and cats.

Get first-hand access to many 100% organic, raw and pure local hand-made products made with love without any mass factories and synthetic process involved.

And in the end, daily blissful Yoga, Meditation and Reiki Sessions from trained instructors to sort you inside-out while knowing the mystery of this universe and becoming totally self-independent for life and achieving your dreams with no zest of fear.

Who This Pass Is NOT For?

Those who love to drink and party day-and-night are not a right fit for these experiences.

Who This Pass is For?

For those who want a bigger slice of Life and experience something beyond their normal standards and perception.

How Much This Pass Costs?

If you fit the above criteria, the Pass of Possibilities costs only ₹50. And makes you a top-priority for new insider offers in Himachal. And yes, all the offers will be delivered by EMAIL only, directly in your private inbox.

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No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.
~ Gautama, The Buddha

This 'Pass of Possibilities' SHOULD NOT be confused with the official Himachal government Transport Pass or something like that. PossiVille and its offers are not affiliated or endorsed by the Himachal Pradesh government and is an independent body of its own.